The Future Redefined.

The BlocVault ecosystem is a suite of modules that will bring together all you need to trade and access your tokens online. Our products can be accessed online here or in your hand through the BlocVault App on the go. Our advanced architecture will set the bar for ecosystems of the future and reward holders in ways no other has done before. In todays busy life we feel it's essential that you are able to manage and trade your digital assets in a clear and easy way.

The Blocvault ecosystem allows you to do just that. Each module has been planned to ensure a very high standard in user friendliness while also having the capacity to disperse revenue back to the BLVT token so holders of our token are highly rewarded and as the world of crypto expands over the coming years so does your investment. Our aim as a team is to have over 1 million users of our products on a world stage by Dec 2023.

Our Tokenomics.

The BLVT token is our BEP-20 deflationary token on Binance smart chain (BSC). BSC has started to become one of the most widely used blockchains for decentralized finance (Defi). Because of this deflationary nature of the token, the stability of our token is increased and steady growth in value of each token is guaranteed.
A max supply of 3 billion tokens was initially created and we decided to use the already proven functional structure with Burn in each trade. This contract structure has been proven to work well both to reduce potential dumps but also to be sufficiently rewarding to holders. A 12% tax will be applied to all buy & sell action of the BLVT token which will be distributed as outlined below.
1% Burn
This buy back accumulation of our token is used to protect the price in heavy sell off periods where deemed fit by the developers of this token.
1% BLVT Staking
To support the liquidity in the staking pool, 1% tax from all buy and sell transaction is moved to this pool.
3 % Development
This tax is to support and develop our products and continue to offer our holders and investors with developments, products and services in the future.
2% Marketing
All buy-sell transactions get charged another 2% fee for marketing which helps Blocvault to grow our community.
3% HOLDR Rewards
As similar to dividends in the stock market a 3% fee charged on all buy-sell transactions allows the reward balance to accumulate and gets distributed to all HOLDRs.
2% Automatic Liquidity
As the liquidity pool for Blocvault grows, so does its liquidity and its hedge against price fluctuations. Equipped with a 2% transaction fee on all buy-sell transactions, the pool for Blocvault can always keep growing.

25degree turn golden coin only



Staking Dapp
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Here at blocvault we believe in the philosophy that we are only here because of the strength of our community. It is with that in mind the team developed Blocvault Vesting/Staking which allows the holders to lock there BLVT tokens and be rewarded handsomely for doing so.

Our staking platform allows you to lock away tokens for 4 set periods 3-6-9-& 12 months. Each term has different rewards with the 12 month lock being 120% APY.

The token by design was to be a reward faucet within our ecosystem that will receive percentage rebates from all other products and tokens to be announced and developed in the future.

Our Next Module

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Blocvest is a revolutionary deflationary token with three very unique vaults. The Shareholder, Accumulator and the trickle vault. The system was developed to offer different rewards and in different ways depending on how you decide to utilize them.

The BVST token is paired to BNB which means it will see significant gains once the market stabilizes and starts to recover. We have also added anti whale functions and higher tax thresholds to ensure a stable future for the ecosystem over time.

Blocvest is backed by a treasury contract that acts as a fail safe which can be used to pair liquidity if needed. Micro fees are used across the ecosystem to fuel liquidity pools and other services like marketing and development if required.