Bloc Pay is a revolutionary concept that will change how we purchase new tokens and spend our crypto assets worldwide. The idea behind this product came from understanding how difficult it is to buy new tokens and all of the swiping from native tokens etc that needs to be done in order for you to obtain new tokens. Bloc pay aims to tackle this issue head on by introducing the use of FIAT direct to tokens on our platform. The secondary use for Bloc-Pay is the ability to spend you digital currency worldwide in stores. As the world of crypto grows this will become a key feature

BlocVault Card. 

Bloc-Pay our BLVT Debit Card with international support by leading payment solutions. Use me in-store or online for purchases worldwide. earn rewards for using me. The blocVault app will have a smart exchange where you can change tokens to stable currencies for use with your BV debit card. Users will be able to ad funds to the funding wallet and in turn use our card in stores and at ATM’s worldwide where Visa is supported. The system will have rewards and also different levels to those rewards depending on the level of use of the cards. Additionally Users will be able to choose from custom designed cards to make everyone unique to the user (How about having your Warrior Themed one.)

FIAT Direct To Tokens, Bloc-Pay Will Change How We Buy Tokens. 

FIAT Direct. 

FIAT direct to tokens and especially new tokens is something that has been on the teams mind from the first moment we discuss the BlocVault project. In todays fast paced life changing from stable currency to native tokens and connecting to pancakeswap etc is far more than anyone wants to do in order to buy new tokens. Also for new token hunters it can be the very reason people don’t buy. Bloc-Pay will change this forever and will be the first of its kind to offer tokens a platform where their token can be purchased with FIAT direct. Our clever mechanisms will do all the work for you so all you need to do is use your card direct and we take care of the rest.