BlocSwap is a decentralized multi-chain token swap protocol of the BlocVault ecosystem which will allow users to swap tokens between networks by using our multi network bridge.


Low Fee

Fast Secure

Our Focus 

Swapping tokens between networks can be a very daunting task and sometime hard to do. BlocSwap will focus one making this much easier for users to do this task in design of our platform. Our focus as a team will be to make this easier and cheaper for all. The introduction of the BlocSwap token later this term will assist users making swaps by taken the gas fees into account and offsetting the cost into its tax system. This clever mechanism will ultimately see users being able to swap over multiple networks for a fraction of the normal cost in the past.

The BlocSwap Protocol much like other modules will be available online or as a module on the BlocVault App. Its use case within the ecosystem will further enhance user functionality and allow our holders to access these products and services for less. Our community will benefit and that is a core value of everything that BlocVault the team do for its holders.

More information on this Platform will be released Soon.