The Bloc-Launch decentralized IDO platform with multi Network support is a product of the BlocVault Ecosystem. BLCH, hyper-deflationary TOKEN, with rewards features and a unique use case will be a Binance smart chain token and will be one of the many faucets within the BlocVault family to come to fruition this year.

In developing our IDO platform one of the many features that we will implement as a standard practice for teams wanting to offer there IEO will be a compulsory Contract Audit and full KYC of the team members. Our Anti Scam features will give investors peace of mind while using our products, knowing that we do everything we can to keep their investments safe.

Our platform will allow users to participate in fully secured private and public sales, and as the masses adopt crypto products in the future our products will stand out as the secure option among investors and project owners around the world. The team from our outset have built our reputation on honest and transparent products and leadership.

Bloc-Launch is a major problem solver for investors and will focus on fundamental flaws that exist on other launchpads. Our platform benefits the holders of BLCH and will offer fair launches, Token lockers, team vesting, and much more.

The Token

At Bloc-Launch, every Holder will have BUSD Rewards and plenty of them. Our tokenomics are designed to reward holders on multi levels. If you hold the BLVT ecosystem token you will receive the 2% automatic rewards that Bloc-Launch sends back to keep the BLVT price stable and ever rewarding to its holders. Bloc-Launch BLCH token in its own standing is set up to further offer a 4% holders rewards on buy in and a 10% holder reward on sell out in BUSD to your wallet so our chart stays strong and excessive tokens dumps are prevented.

  • Holders Rewards 4%.
  • Marketing 2% (BUSD)
  • Development 2% (BUSD)
  • Liquidity 2%
  • BLVT Token 2%

The BUSD automatic accumulation for marketing and development has been decided upon so we can prevent sell offs on the charts for ongoing work in the background and maintain a steady price that will reward all for holding. In addition the the rewards we have added a LONGTERM Vesting reward for you all and this will be announced closer to launch.



Our team understands the value in delivering a flawless platform 

The Pad.


Here are some of the features that will be available on launch

Team Token Vesting.

Multi Network

Token Lockers

Token Airdrop

Liquidity Lockers

BlocLaunch will have further features but the team have decided to not publicise these for intellectual copying reasons


When setting out to develop BlocLaunch we looked at ways to benefit both holders of the token and also projects using our pad. After much research we have decided that Some key benefits will include a Free AMA with our community and also a very clever way to bring projects launching from our platform an abundance of new holders,

One key factor for all new projects is support and also new holders, the Blocvault team have some great options and features to choose from which will be made public when we release the platform to you all. Fees, This is another factor that we have looked at very closely and like everything we do at team BlocVault rewarding holders or new launches will be a major player on this platform.




VETTING SYSTEM The Bloc-Launch team will individually vet all future projects before accepting applications to use our launchpad. Only safe and passed projects will be permitted to go public. A full team KYC is mandatory

  • Fully Audited Contract
  • Team KYC.
  • Full Team Dox
  • Completed listing

Compliance will be tiered into three groups Gold, Silver, Bronze and categorised based on the level of safety score achieved. All projects will be assigned one of our listing managers to help them with every step of the process.

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