Blocvest Pre-Sale Opens 7pm GMT July 7th.

The Dapp

Our Blocvest pre-sale dapp will go live for each event. Players will be able to connect directly to the platform and receive the BVST token to the connected wallet. Our dapp’s are designed to be user friendly offer a safe environment for players to connect too.


Pre-sales events will be held over four legs the first of which will start on July 7th @ 7pm GMT. Each round will have a token limit and when they close the next round will be scheduled and posted live here.

Each event will be held right here on our website. Players will be able to launch the pre-sale dapp direct from here on desktop or on mobile to access each event.

There will be a limited token supply for each event and also a 10% reduction in amount of tokens receivable per BUSD in each round.

The Events will be held in BUSD to BVST token for each round and players will be able to receive the BVST token at time of entry in advance of our public launch.

A link will be added here and posted on our socials for each event.


ELEVATE has been implemented into our pre-sale contract so participants can grow there holdings by adding members to there team.

A. When you purchase tokens for the first time in any of our pre-sale events you will be issued a unique referral code automatically. Player’s can use this code to refer other players to our pre-sale events and avail of a 10% token reward on the total amount of the referred’s deposit.

B. Codes are assigned by the contract when participants purchase tokens for the first time. They can be shared many times

C. The 10% BVST reward tokens will be sent to the first purchase wallet each time the referral code is used .

Referral buys 1000 tokens, Link provider gets 100, Referral gets 1000

Blocvest is a revolutionary deflationary token with three very unique vaults. The Shareholder, Accumulator and the trickle vault. The system was developed to offer different rewards and in different ways depending on how you decide to utilize them.
The BVST token is paired to BNB which means it will see significant gains once the market stabilizes and starts to recover. We have also added anti whale functions and higher tax thresholds to ensure a stable future for the ecosystem over time.
Blocvest is backed by a treasury contract that acts as a fail safe which can be used to pair liquidity if needed. Micro fees are used across the ecosystem to fuel liquidity pools and other services like marketing and development if required.


Shareholders Vault

The Shareholders vault is tied directly to token taxes. A staggering 50% of all buy & sell action is directly converted to BUSD and added to this Vault. Earn passive income month on month. Harvest your BUSD share on the first day of each month. The Vault unlocks 6 months after initial deposit. The dollar value of your initial deposit is reclaimable if you choose to exit. Watch your investment grow with mass token adoption over time

Accumulator Vault

We all save to accumulate but its the REWARDS that count. Accumulator is a crypto Worlds first 5/1 or 20% interest rewards vault. Choose from weekly by weekly or monthly deposits and earn 20% as you do so. Release your tokens for use on other vaults or sell them to take profits. Participants can release the first installment once they deposit the second installment over and over again while gaining an HUGE 20% reward. Failure to deposit results in your 20% previous interest being lost.

Trickle Vault

The principal is simple, The longer you compound the bigger it gets. Unlock Your Financial Freedom Earn 187.00% APY daily from launch. Withdraw or compound 0.50% every 24hrs, Claims are limited to 365 times. Boost your % by purchasing our NFT percentage Boosts and increase your daily withdrawal percentage limit from 0.50% up to 2.0% DAILY. Each NFT purchase unlocks a higher percentage of reward from the vault. Choose from BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD OR PLATINUM to get huge rewards and take full advantage of the trickle vaults true potential ROI. Up to 730% APY with PLATINUM level access.

Please be aware when you lock tokens into the trickle vault they are locked permanently. Holders can compound or claim 0.5% of their tokens daily. A max limit of 365 claims is available to each holder. Once a holder has exceeded the 365 claims they will have exhausted their total share of holdings.  Anti Whale tax max limits will be set on large withdrawals also to protect the holders and stability of the pool. See our whitepaper or join our socials for more details.



Daily Claim


Daily Claim


Daily Claim


Daily Claim

Blocvest Boost NFT’s can be purchased at any stage to increase the daily claim amount from 0.5% up to 2.0%. They may also be traded or moved from wallet to wallet until they are activated within the vault. Please note once they have been activated the vault will take them in exchange for your Boosted percentage. If you have purchased or obtained one of the lower value NFT’s and obtain one of higher value, the lower one will no longer be active within the vault.

A 10% buy, sell & transfer tax has been applied to our token
Shareholders Vault 5% BLVT Token rebate 2% Liquidity Pool 2% Development 1%

The total token allocation for BlocVest.  10,000,000.00 BVST.

Pre-sale allocation 17.5% – 
Trickle Vault 34%
 – PancakeSwap 14% – 
Accumulator Vault – 22% 
Private Round 7.5%
 Treasury – 1% (locked) – Team Tokens 2% – Airdrops 2%

For added STABILITY and an ever increasing price floor over time! The Treasury receives BNB through NFT sales and micro fees from the 3 vault systems.
This will allow The Treasury to buy Blocvest, locking it up in the treasury contract.

Learn about our Triple Vault System