The Team.

Team Blocvault is made up of business persons and crypto investors that came together on different projects over the past year. Our expertise in various fields has been merged together to create a highly motivated team focused on providing a block-chain ecosystem that will be used by millions around the world in the coming years. It doesn’t matter if your experienced in crypto investing or just a novice We aim to provide you with an all-in-one easy to use ecosystem that will make everyone’s experience easier and more fluid, saving you time and money each and every time you use our products.

Ajib Javed.

COO, BlocVault

Bruno Miguel Traguedo

Head Of PR.

Elliot Solheim Larsson

Head Of Social Media

Edward J.

CEO, BlocVault

Our Vision

As investors in this space for many years we have combined our ideas of what we feel was needed to make our lives easier when interacting with crypto assets. The BlocVault team are fully committed to staying ahead of the curve and finding ways to make these tasks and investments easy through our web based platform and on our Apps providing you with better investment opportunity and easier use of the marketplace. we understand that things don’t happen over night but also take great pride in building the strongest community and rewarding them as holders like no other token out there.

The Focus.

Our primary focus is delivering the BlocVault app a revolutionary suite of modules that aim to make investing and holding your crypto and digital assets easier and smarter. We all know how much bouncing around from site to site and dapp to dapp we need to do in order to achieve our goals and purchase tokens etc,
The BlocVault app brings all of that to one place and puts the power in your hands to manage everything with ease and simplicity. modules will include Swap, Launch, Vest, Pay, Track, Chat, Wallet, Vault and an NFT Marketplace with metaverse gaming using our Bloc-Warrior NFT play to earn world league platform. We understand that the task is big and the road will be tuff but team BlocVault are committed to delivering this app and will.